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Happy One-Year From the Founders

Happy One-Year From the Founders

We're celebrating our birthday with way more than cake.

Exactly one year ago, we sent our first Clover Letter. Maybe you even read it! Since then, we’ve sent a lot of letters—almost 300 of them, in fact.

We started Clover as a way to deliver actually-relevant (and important!) news to girls in a quick, fun-to-read format. We didn’t know if it would work. But as our list size grew—and we caught the eye of publications like The New York TimesWomen's Wear Daily, Refinery29, The Washington Post, and NYLON—we realized that we were onto something.

It’s always been our mission to cover news; but we had no idea back then that we’d soon be covering events like the Orlando shooting, Aleppo warfare, increasingly violent police confrontations, and of course, a Trump administration. We’ve tried to do it in a way that’s informative, empowering, and decidedly not depressing.

Along the way, we’ve talked to hundreds of thousands of girls from all over the world. Literally: The Clover community has readers from India, South Korea, Mexico, and even a girl who’s spent the last few years exploring the world on a boat with her family (Hi, Rivers! Yeah, her name is Rivers, which makes her even more awesome). We asked you guys—and our 700-plus ambassadors—what was missing from the internet, and how Clover could help fill that space. We listened.

We also spent much of the summer and fall fundraising in order to grow our business. In case you’re not familiar with the process, it mostly entailed us standing in front of strangers—mostly middle-aged men—explaining to them why Clover is important and trying to convince them why girls matter. It took several months, plenty of late nights, and an entire re-education on Microsoft PowerPoint. Not to mention, really wishing we’d taken a business class or two in college. But we did it. And we have a lot to show for it, starting with a shiny newsletter makeover and brand new website.

Now on cloverletter.com, you can find ALL of our past stories (every ~single~ one). You can catch up on letters you missed and repost your favorites—because we made them entirely shareable and extra Instagram-friendly. So screenshot that sh*t!

But the thing we’re most excited about? The Clover community. It’s a place for you to chat about anything and everything, and it’s invite-only for now. Want in? Request an invite by hitting reply on this email.

In the meantime, click around and tell us what you think about Clover 2.0. Thanks for coming along for the ride—we’re only getting started.

Liza and Casey

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