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Meet the Girls Behind Your New Favorite Beauty Brand

Meet the Girls Behind Your New Favorite Beauty Brand

Nudestix, a beauty brand that describes itself as "Crayola meets Chanel," was founded by sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel. Being millennials themselves, it's little surprise their makeup has earned them loads of young fans (and 90k Insta followers). Clover reader Alyson Zetta Williams got the chance to chat with older sis Taylor about That Natural Look and how to be a #babeboss.

To see someone close to my age accomplishing something of this scale is really major. Also, your job title: Chief Inspiration Officer. I need one of those. What does that entail, exactly?
That’s a title my mom gave me and my sister. My role as a brand ambassador and co-founder is to continually inspire every single aspect of Nudestix, whether it be brand development, marketing, photo shoots, social media. It’s me and my sister who have to say “OK, this is on-brand; this is what we are loving.” Nudestix was born out of our own authentic needs. And what we love has been really critical to Nudestix’s growth.

It seems like you and your sister kind of do it all. That's really impressive! How do you manage it all?
A lot of times, us girls think that we can do it all—which we can, by the way—but it’s smart to acknowledge “Hey, I don’t excel in this one area, I think someone else would be able to do it better than me.” Sometimes it’s taking yourself out of the situation and thinking of the business as a whole. Hiring a really good photographer or finance person, neither of which are my thing, can be essential. At the end of the day, it creates less anxiety when you accept yourself and what you’re good at.

Growing up, I saw everywhere that “beauty” meant a red lip and a full eye and I just never had the desire to wear that. How do you feel about The Natural Look vs, say, full-faced contouring?
You don’t have to take on a full smokey eye and lined lip to show that this is you doing makeup. With Nudestix, what we are trying to do is give those girls—girls like us—an option. Before, you either had nothing or you had everything. Being able to have something in between is good for girls and makes the question of makeup easier. There’s a time and a place for everything. When I was 17, I wasn’t wearing a lot but I felt like I should have been. Growing older, I feel more comfortable in my own skin wearing just mascara or a brow. I think another factor is coming-of-age.

How has the experience of starting and running a company—and just being a powerful woman in business—changed you, empowered you, and affected other areas of your life?
In the beauty and fashion worlds, there are more women CEOs and executives who are dominating the industry than ever. It’s extremely empowering. I’m surrounded by so many incredible women; my mom (and I’m not just saying this because she’s my mom) inspires me literally every single day with her leadership and ability to remain humble in her years of knowledge and experience.

Women need to continue to inspire and stick together, especially speaking to the younger generation. Our generation has aspired to be artists and entrepreneurs. They have looked for ways to incorporate their skill set and their knowledge into whatever they are doing, and have found ways to be whatever they want through hard work. That’s obviously very cliche but there are so many ways to get where you want to be. Create your own rules.


By Alyson Zetta Williams

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