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The Girls' Guide to Self-Care

The Girls' Guide to Self-Care

With the end of the school year just around the corner, how do you guys manage stress? Between school, teacher, projects, exams, and extracurriculars, I have three weeks left and I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed!

Ugh, been there. The most annoying thing about stress is that it doesn’t magically go away after exam season ends and you ace all your finals. Sure, you’ll no longer have to study til 3am, but before you know it, you’ll have another set of potentially-overwhelming responsibilities: college classes, then jobs, plus all the obstacles that go along with growing up. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make stress manageable so that it won’t dictate your life (promise!) We asked our readers their tips for surviving the most stressful times —get their advice below.  

I love watching a comedy movie or TV show (yasss New Girl!). It makes me laugh and keeps my mind off of all the stress. —Aishwarya

I'm very much into meditating until I feel less stressed or worked up. It helps remind myself that whatever is going on is only temporary. To meditate, try apps like Stop, Breathe, Think. The meditations are only a few minutes long, and they give you good pointers for doing it on your own based on how you're feeling. It's really helped me!—Megan

Doing some physical activity to take my mind off of things always helps when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I use my dance classes as my coping mechanism; surrounding yourself with a good support group is also very important because sometimes you need to vent to somebody else.—Love

I put on a sheet mask, turn on my record player, and lay on the floor for an hour. Sometimes just being still is enough.—Dymond S Moore

I have different self care for different times. If I have a lot of energy, I usually go for a run or do some kind of physical activity. There are also some times when I just snuggle up with some food, a book, and have a good Netflix binge. If I'm feeling badly (like a bad mental health day), I turn on some relaxation Pandora and take a bath with my favorite lavender bath salts with some scented candles.—Kasey

I usually just put everything I have to the side and take a nice hot shower and maybe listen to some music. Then I just read a book or listen to some music curled up in a warm blanket until I feel better. It's nice to get your mind off of things for a while, and this helps me. —Hafsah

It is important for me to always remain in the present, so when I feel overwhelmed I choose to spend time alone with my thoughts that may be troubling me or holding me in the past. If we are constantly worrying about the past or future, there is no present.—Landis 

Lately painting and baking seems to do the trick for me. With painting, just playing with all the pretty colors has an unbelievably reenergizing effect on me. And with baking, it's calming to be able to create something with your hands that you can enjoy later on! Not to mention the house smells great afterwards.—Alexandra

I do a lot of hand-lettering and calligraphy and a lot of times that helps me. There's something really peaceful about just slowly forming the letters and getting lost in the rhythm of the up and down strokes.—Lizzie

I usually just brew a cup of tea; green, earl grey, and chamomile are my faves. Then, I turn on music, wrap myself in a big blanket, and binge-read or Netflix until I feel better.— Holly

I write my thoughts away inside a journal to release everything I'm feeling inside my head. If I don't have a journal on hand, I also like to pamper myself for self-care as in get a massage, nails done, or even as simple as taking a bubble bath with Epsom's Stress Release bath salts.—Mariah

I just let myself do whatever I want to in the moment and temporarily ignore the things I should be doing. Because self-care is something I try to take very seriously, especially lately. When I don't, I get myself in a place mentally that's really not good. Usually writing down my life story of late is a huge stress release, as is reading or watching a good TV show or romance movie. But if I feel like painting my nails I do that. If I want to draw I do that. If I want chocolate I eat that. It's just a matter of letting yourself indulge what you need to make yourself happy as long as you aren't breaking any laws or hurting anyone else.—Aria

I like working out, whether it's playing tennis or running, because I focus completely on that when I do it, so it takes my mind off of other things. Additionally, the endorphins after I exercise feel great.—Soumya

I do something that I love or am into at the time (play some T.Swift and doodle or sew). When it's warm especially, just lying outside in the grass, usually with my cat. Also, generally, make sure I'm well hydrated because I always feel TERRIBLE (physically and emotionally) if I'm not super well hydrated.—Anne-Marie

Giving myself time to read a book i've been waiting to delve into or starting new artistic projects and making sure i've got all my favorite snacks - coming up with new funky outfits and planning the accessories and makeup to match them, too!—Sydney

I usually wear a face mask and play music and light up a candle or two. Sometimes, I like to go to my balcony and watch the clouds move and just breathe in the fresh air.—Aarshima

Either going for a run with my favorite playlist blasting in my ears or taking a really long bubble bath with my favorite book.—Alyssa

I usually workout, shower, and then journal or put a face mask on or read a book. Sometimes I cross stitch and that can help take my mind off whatever is bothering me.—Katherine Williams

I love reading while listening to music. I can tune out and enjoy a good book! —Maria Aldana:

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