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10 Girls Get Real About: The Election

10 Girls Get Real About: The Election

This election cycle…scares me. I’m scared about my future. Since I can’t vote yet, I feel like I’m just helplessly watching as the world slowly comes crashing down. I know someone who is a Trump supporter, and I just cannot fathom it. How can any woman be comfortable with the kind of misogynistic, sexist things that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth? I’m scared for other women. I’m scared for Latino people and black people. I’m scared for my brother, who’s gay. It just seems unbelievable, sometimes, that this election is happening. — Lizzie K., 16

I recently read The Hunger Games for the first time, and it hit me that they might actually happen in the future if Donald Trump becomes president. SCARIEST REVELATION EVER. — Anisya M., 12

This election has my emotions jumbled up in a lot of different ways. For one, I’ve noticed that people have gotten more explicit about stating their hatred towards others in a monkey-see, monkey-do type mindset (now that they see someone in power spewing hatred out of every crevice of their body — ahem, Donald Trump — they think it’s okay for themselves to do so as well). This election in the past couple months has brought me out of the trance that comes over me from time to time of “Well, I can just sit back because what’s the use of doing anything…” due to the media. It’s really strengthened my belief that change needs to happen now, and if I am not doing anything to help people feel better in every aspect of my existence, what am I worth? In an odd way, all of the hatred Donald Trump spews and normalizes has become motivation for me to fight even more against everyday oppression.— Tazia C., 17

Living in Australia, I’ve never followed a U.S. election as closely as this one.Previous U.S. election coverage here has been specifically targeted towards an older viewership with a keen interest in American politics. For the first time, we are seeing the U.S. election as something that every Australian seems to have an opinion about. In fact, it has become such a hot topic in Australia that one of the history classes at my school even did a case study to investigate the fairness of comparing Trump to Hitler. The fact that history classes half a world away are studying a presidential campaign that hasn’t even finished yet proves the magnitude of this election. It’s the first time that I’ve watched an entire debate, and the first time that personally, I’ve been keeping up to date with all things presidential campaign. There have been many discussions in my house about the election and it’s fair to say that my whole family agrees that Donald Trump as U.S. President is a terrifying possibility. Since late last year, his rhetoric has become increasingly provocative and, in my opinion, has showed a lack of awareness of real global issues. Even watching the final debate last week, I was floored by some of the things that he was saying. Maybe my increased interest stems from the fact that I just reached voting age here in Australia, but I think the bigger reason is that this campaign has appealed to the feelings of so many people around the world and the possible results are terrifying. — Zoe V., 18

This will be my first election, and a really odd one at that. As someone who’sadamantly against Trump in every single aspect, it’s still somewhat difficult casting my vote for Hillary because of how she’s treated the Middle East and what many African Americans are saying about her in regards to race relations. It’s super important to me that we listen and reach out to those being persecuted in any way, no matter what our opinions may be politically.But given our two-party system, I know pretty confidently that we’re getting either Donald or Hillary come November, and I would definitely rather have Hillary in office. It’s hard compromising my beliefs and trust in order to put one person in office over another. — Donna P., 18

Though a lot of voters are discontent with the two main candidates running for president, I don’t think that voting for a third-party candidate is the answer. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two front runners, meaning that it is very likely that one of them will be president, and it CANNOT be Trump. Hillary is the most qualified and level-headed candidate running in this election, despite a few scandals that follow her. Most importantly, she acts like a decent human being who cares about others, which is what I want from the president of the U.S. At this time, only a few weeks from election day, Americans — especially those who were Bernie supporters — must get out and vote and vote for Hillary. There is a much better chance of Hillary implementing policies that align with Bernie’s goals than any other of the candidates running. — Madison C., 19

I think we all have an idea of who our next president should be. She is well qualified for the position, and after watching all three debates, she stood by our side, keeping our concerns in mind. This last debate especially showed her professionalism as possibly the next president, not only through her vocabulary but through her research as well. I honestly could not see another person as president. She is what this country needs at this time, and plus, who wouldn’t want a woman as president?! We are all capable of doing so. — Tiffany V., 19

This is the first election I’ve been following intently. It’s especially interesting because Donald Trump is a candidate who does not fit the typical mold of a Republican candidate. He does not align with many of the ideals of the Republican party, and many of his words are brash and hurtful. He does not believe in being politically correct — or in some cases, even correct at all. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton fits the persona of a Democratic candidate very well, and she has not garnered as much negative media attention as Donald Trump has. She’s also the first woman to ever win the nomination of a major party, which is awesome. The election has been sonewsworthy that the news has often been focused on the election instead of other important stories like natural disasters or acts of violence around the world. While I think the election is worthy of a lot of coverage, so are many other things, and they’re being undermined by the election.

Another interesting thing about the media coverage is that they are focusing a lot on really specific things that candidates have said or done, instead of the policies they stand for. This in some way also reflects the election itself; the candidates often choose to attack each other’s personal lives rather than attack the policy of the other. I’ve experienced so many different emotions over the course of this election; whether it’s anger, disbelief, wonder, or fear. I’m excited and intrigued to see the outcome of this election and to see the poll maps, because I think a lot of voters will not be voting the way they usually do this election. — Soumya J., 15

In the last election, I was a 12-year-old tween who didn’t think much about politics. We have many issues shaping America in a negative way, from racism to sexism, LGBT rights to foreign policy, national security to education. My generation in particular relies on our next leader to help resolve these issues, and I’m not sure if I fully trust our president candidates to lead our country. Donald Trump has come under fire for making lewd comments about women and bragging about sexual assault. His wife, Melania has tried to justify his comments, calling it all “boy talk.” Last time I checked, a 59-year-old is not a boy, he’s a man who should know better. Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is more experienced and knows how to handle issues better than Donald Trump. I want a president who has quick wit and I think Hillary has that. However, her emails do irk me; I feel it was irresponsible. How do I know this couldn’t happen again causing significant damage to the presidency, affecting our country? This election has been one of the most dramatic ones yet. Watching the debates feels like watching a Kardashian episode. I can’t quite vote yet, but if I could, I’d be conflicted. Do I want to vote for a perverted man who has no respect for women, or a woman who lies to the American people? — Cici C., 16

“Hillary and Trump are like two divorced parents fighting over their children but really the children want to live with their grandparents. I don’t think anything summarizes my emotions on the upcoming Presidential election better than this Instagram meme. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are, in my eyes, unsatisfying, vicious, evil candidates. Neither are worthy of being president. But this election is like choosing the better of two evils, and I hope you’re choosing the evil that is feminist and isn’t a toddler Cheeto.— Akanksha M., 14

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