clover curated: sarah isenberg

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samantha pleet empress jumpsuit

"Florals for spring? Yes, please! You're lying to yourself if you say this isn't the most beautiful jumpsuit you've ever laid eyes on. All that gorgeous detail and pattern makes it a truly remarkable piece."

     make it yours for $279


group partner tan line boob planter

"I love these planters and think they're hilarious! Who wouldn't want a pair of boobs holding your cute little succulent? Bonus points if you get the one where all the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood."

      make it yours for $65



areaware contour key ring

"This key ring is seriously the best. It's cute, it's functional, it's comfortable and it's easy to carry around; it slips right on your wrist."

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crap retro sunglasses

"Honestly, these sunglasses make me feel like I'm in the 1950's driving down an LA freeway in my glamorous red convertible."

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glossier super serums

"This stuff saved my skin. I seriously forgot to use them one day and it was like my skin was a whole different person. These are the best for giving your face a little pick me up or just that extra glow. "

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everlane wide leg crop pant

"Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of high waisted wide leg pants? I sure haven't, which is why I'm obsessed with these."

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18-year-old Sarah, aka @happy_tunes, looks like she stepped right out of the coolest vintage store in LA. Probably because she did. But when she's not thrifting, she's eyeing PG-13 pottery and retro sunglasses that look like that could be your grandma's but are actually shiny and new.