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With a coveted Gen Z readership from all over the world, Clover is a platform that celebrates girls’ opinions, ideas, and experiences. Clover is a space that’s positive and inclusive; it’s informative and, above all, it’s fun.


Ways to Partner With Us


Custom Content Creation

Through sponsored Clover Letters, the brand will reach a highly valuable audience of Gen Z females through custom content that lives on at cloverletter.com. We work one-on-one with brands on editorial content, ensuring each sponsored issue has A+ writing with messaging that’s mutually beneficial for all involved.


Research & Insights

Through Clover Letter’s research and insights, you can leverage thousands of Clover ambassadors to gather valuable ideas, opinions, and recommendations to help position your brand for success. Opportunities include custom surveys, focus groups, and data. Research is presented to provide actionable insights for your brand. 


Influencer Content

Whether you need video, editorial, illustrations, or photos, we have a massive network of teen girls who can create quality sponsored content for your brand and amplify it across their platforms.


Programs & Events

Clover produces a variety of events for our community on an ongoing basis. Check back for the latest on what we're planning for the Clover girls right here. 


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“I’m going to keep fear and hate out of my heart and keep fighting for what’s good”


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