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We've published hundreds of brilliant essays written by young people all over the world. We believe you deserve a place to be heard (beyond your English class), and we want to give it to you. We’re always looking for inspiring ideas and contributors. If you have a story or artwork you’d like to share in an upcoming letter, submit below—but read these guidelines first!

Clover Letter Contributor Guidelines

  • Length:  Our essays/stories are between 500-700 words each, but we only need a 2-3 sentence story idea from you.
  • Topics: We want perspectives on any issues facing girls (from finding feminism to finding the jeans that changed your life).  Seriously, anything goes.
  • Note: We might ask for edits after you turn your piece in; it’s not a bad thing, we promise! We just want every single article to be the best it can be.

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