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Meet @OfficialSeanPenn, the Funniest Girl on Instagram

Meet @OfficialSeanPenn, the Funniest Girl on Instagram

This photo of Dennis Quaid smoking a cigarette while wearing a Korean face mask combines two of Caroline Goldfarb’s favorite things: bizarre celebrity news and self-care. On the back of these interests, Caroline has made a name for herself with her must-follow Insta @OfficialSeanPenn (389,000 fans and counting!) and as the hosts of podcasts like "This Week Had Me Like" and "Glowing Up." Here, she opens up about her unexpected career path, balancing passions for skincare with ridiculous celebrity shines, and taking her sense of humor offline and on screen.

How did you find your voice as a comedian and cultural commentator? 
I have a really strong sense of what I find funny and what I find interesting. I love the weird, bizarre side of celebrity culture. What I find funny to talk about are the things that maybe not everybody is talking about, like the fact that Alyssa Milano designed a line of paper towels for Viva Paper Towels. I guess humor is something you just have. Maybe [my voice works] because I’ve been so oversaturated with celebrity culture. It’s kind of like when you do a drug for a long time your tolerance goes up. Maybe my tolerance for celebrity culture is so high that  only weird, esoteric, niche stuff makes me laugh anymore? 

Did you have that same sense of humor as a teenager?
Yes, I have definitely always been a weird person. If you go back to my old MySpace, which I don’t think exists anymore, nothing would have changed for me. I posted weird videos and had a weird website cursor, like one of the Golden Girls

You mentioned that you started @OfficialSeanPenn as an online shrine and collages of your fave celebrities. Tell us more?!
It’s elevated fandom. Not only am I a fan, but I’m creating something other people can enjoy and look at as a piece of aesthetically pleasing art. I mean, also, I’m so numb to images—especially images you’ve seen over and over on social media, like Fergie peeing her pants. It's about taking them to the next level and making them into art. 

You recently started a podcast called “Glowing Up,”  which feels especially relevant in today’s self-care centric universe. What does the idea of glowing up mean to you?
It’s a term that’s been around for a while, but I guess it’s twofold. It’s going from one state: your glow down to your glow up. That can be inside or it can be outside. It’s finding the best version of yourself that makes you hit the streets with the most confidence and makes you feel the most love for yourself. There’s also this idea of quite literally glowing, which I get when I eat right, I exercise, and I’m on top of my self-care, like masks and my skincare routine. I’ve noticed I’m happier when I’m glowing.

What has been your biggest achievement in your personal glowing up process? 
I think it's been getting rid of acne and, as I mentioned, making my skin glow. Skincare is something a lot of people take it for granted, but if you have acne or skin problems, you know how bad it can really be. However, I still think I have a lot of glowing up to do.

You’re currently working with MTV on a talk show pilot. How’s that going and what else can we expect from you?
"This Week Had Me Like" is going to be an online talk show for Super Deluxe starting in August. You should also keep your eyes out for the show, Alone Togetheron Freeform. It’s going to come out next year in January, but the trailer is online now. I wrote for that show and it’s going to be really funny. I can't wait.

By Sophie Hayssen, 20

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