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Clover Book Club:  A Map for Wrecked Girls

Clover Book Club: A Map for Wrecked Girls

Nothing is quite as close—or as a complicated—as a relationship between two sisters. In Jessica Taylor’s new novel A Map For Wrecked Girls, a pair of siblings’ close bond comes to a head when Emma and Henri find themselves stranded on an island and suddenly have to deal with issues like trust, betrayal...and yeah, a boy. The book is a thrilling page-turner that you’ll want to read in one sitting, promise.

Go ahead and cancel your plans now. But before you settle in, see what two of our readers thought in their IRL Clover book clubs here. 

Lauren, 20
In A Map For Wrecked Girls, the book opens with sisters Emma and Henri along with a young guy named Alex shipwrecked on an island. We don't know what has happened or why they're there, but as the book jumps back and forth from the past and present, we find out exactly what led these teens to tragedy and the rift between the two girls. And it's really good.

Without giving too much away, the sisters are from San Francisco and while they are close, they couldn't be more opposite. Henri is the "cool" older sister who is able to get any boy she wants, while Emma finds herself in the shadows. After a shocking *incident* (which I won't spoil!), the girls find their way to Puerto Rico with their mother. By this time, we've learned that the sisters' relationship has cracked, and it only becomes worse as they find themselves in uncharted territory. Along with the ~mystery guy~, they have to weather many storms, both literally and metaphorically, to survive. These themes reflect the relationship of the sisters as they find themselves overcoming current and past traumas.

This book is truly a wild ride from start to finish. It’s also an experience I understand well. As someone with sisters, I saw elements in the relationship between these two that I can see in my own sisterly relationships. It may not be as extreme as Emma and Henri’s, but the overall common themes of family bonds and survival are things anyone can relate to.

Ana Sofia, 17
A Map For Wrecked Girls is an emotionally captivating book—so captivating that it was hard for me to put down when bedtime came around. When I talked with my friend Taylor about it, she agreed that this story was downright addicting. One reason? This book is filled with real-life circumstances that literally any teenager can relate to. Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes we have difficult relationships with siblings, or friends who feel like siblings, and sometimes we wish it wasn’t that way. We've all felt nostalgia for when we all got along like we did when we were younger.

Another thing that my friends and I loved about this book was the fact that it made us all realize that we're not alone in the world (even though it can sometimes feel that way). My friend Bethamee thought the plot of the novel was very well-developed, and we both loved how the author made you feel like you were right there with the characters every step of the way. Not to mention, her past-to-present writing style is something I'd never seen before and really enjoyed.

Our group as a whole appreciated how the novel highlighted the theme of unity among the ones you love. Siblings can fight a lot, even to the point where they don’t talk anymore. But that doesn't mean it has to be like that forever.

This post was brought to you by our pals at Penguin Teen. Now that you’re fully convinced that you need to add A Map For Wrecked Girls to your shelf, order it online here.

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