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These Period YouTubers Are Stopping Period Stigma, One Video at a Time

These Period YouTubers Are Stopping Period Stigma, One Video at a Time

Periods can be weird, painful, and sometimes just downright embarrassing. But lucky for us, YouTubers Shanna Lisa and Marissa Rachel are here to help. Alongside other lifestyle videos, the young sisters have turned their YouTube channel into a go-to destination for all things period-related. You’ll find hacks, facts, and life stories to make your time of the month sliiiiightly less horrible. But the sisters aren’t just all talk. They teamed up with Tampax to donate 40,000 (!) tampons to the American Red Cross to support female veterans. That is a whole lot of period products. Inspired, we asked Shanna and Marissa to tell us more about—what else?—that time of the month.

On your YouTube channel you make a lot of videos where you talk very openly about your experiences with your period. Have you always been comfortable talking about your period or did that come with time?
Growing up, there was a lot of shame surrounding talking about periods. It was always something you had to hide or talk about in whispers. Learning about periods in school was so awkward and cringey, and we were both too embarrassed to ever talk about it with our mom. We didn't even like talking about it with our friends. 

We definitely think making over 60 videos about periods has made us a lot more comfortable talking about it. We know it has made other girls more comfortable too. They look up to us as their "big sisters" who can give them the facts in a safe space.

What inspired you to start spending so much time talking about periods? 
At the time, there was a real lack of period videos on YouTube that were both educational and entertaining. We always make videos that we would want to watch ourselves, so we put out a video called “10 Period Life Hacks” that went viral and got several million views. It struck the right balance of being fun, while also providing useful information, delivered by girls for other girls. So we didn't have a master plan for world domination! Girls just kept clamoring for more videos.

You give a lot of advice about period hacks on your channel. Do you have a personal favorite period hack that you can’t live without?
A little favorite of ours is to "pre-open" the sides of the plastic wrappers of your pads so that no one can hear you open it in the girls' bathroom. Can someone please invent a noiseless pad wrapper already? 

Do you have any advice for girls who either just got their period or haven’t gotten it yet but are nervous about getting it?
Educate yourself until it feels normal (because it is)! The more you know, the less scary and taboo it will be. It's just one part of life and it doesn't hold you back in any way.  

By Sophie Hayssen, 21

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