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Girls' Biggest Hopes for 2018

Girls' Biggest Hopes for 2018

We’ve saying bye to 2017 and feeling extra optimistic about the shiny new year. We asked our readers about their biggest hopes and dreams for 2018—get some inspo for the next 12 months (and beyond!) below.

I hope that I can overcome my social anxiety and make new friends. I hope I learn to manage my time better. And, I hope that we will begin to make more progress towards political unity. — Rivers, 16

I want more young people to be actively involved in politics in 2018. — Deana, 19

I want to let people know that when you think there's no hope for you, all you need to do is hang in there and wait for things to get better. I want to help people battling with depression and suicidal ideation through my poetry and blog. — Darshika, 21

I want to dedicate more of my time to myself to make sure that I can stay healthy, happy, and sane during 2018! — Blaine, 18

I want to feel happy about myself, both physically and mentally. Actually, I want that for *everyone*. — Zulfa,16

I hope that people understand the importance of self love and love in general. I would be the happier seeing people radiating love instead of hate. — Karla, 19

I hope we can make more progress in the causes that matter, and we as a society take more steps to better the world we live in. Whether it's through being more eco-friendly, treating everyone kindly no matter their background, or whatever. But for myself, I'm hoping to make a collection of short stories and/or personal essays this year. — Molly, 15

I'm a second year law student from Kenya and I have been struggling with depression and self esteem and body image issues. I look forward to feeling better about myself, being healthier and more productive. I want to enroll in a dance class, start a YouTube channel and create my own business. — Gloria, 18

Getting better at balancing all the different parts of my life (work and school and art and sleep and a social life...whew!). — Caroline, 19

I hope that everybody understands the importance of good mental health and works diligently towards achieving this goal. —Tanvi, 19

I would like to start a little project helping people, even if it will be on a small scale. Giving a little relief to people in this hectic life is too important. — Momina, 20

Here's what I hope for in 2018: more feminism. Just today I've been flippantly told by my parents that I looked like a potato sack in my new dress. My little brother got laughed at for bringing pink stationery to school. Asian countries are particularly shrouded by this stigma: that feminine items should be left to females and females only, and that we are somehow inferior to our male counterparts. Here's to ending this injustice in the year to come. — Cassandra, 15

I hope that we can educate the world a little more on mental health and work to make mental health care more affordable and accessible. — Gabby, 20

I hope that everyone continues to stand against injustice and for what they believe in. — Aria, 16

I want to focus more of my energy on personal creative projects that I've neglected because of school work. — Natalie, 17

I hope for growth, mentally and in other areas in my life, such as school and work. I also hope for balance as I go back to college after a year off. — Tiffany, 20

I want to expand my professional goals in 2018. I want to grow my side hustle, score the best internships, and thrive in college. — Dymond, 19

Be happy and fill the world around me with love! — Genna, 17

I hope that all girls continue to stand up for who they are and learn that their beauty is more than skin deep. What I learned—and it comes with age—is really valuing yourself and knowing that success will always come to those who have the courage to take a risk. — Megan, 20

I wish for happiness for those around me. — Keana, 17

I hope that I become truly content with myself. — Ayat, 15

Giving back to others while also giving back to myself. — Aishwarya, 17

My hope is that my family from the Philippines will finally be able to come to the U.S. — Katie, 18

I hope all that I am working for right now will be worth it in the end. — Hafsah, 16

Start to artistically create more, focus on my self-love, and to find the time to give back. — Sumitra, 18

I hope to express my gratitude to those around me and to make a difference. — Ilana, 15

I hope to take, learn, and benefit from every opportunity presented to me and make these opportunities available to as many young women as I can. — Lauren, 16

I hope to gain the confidence in trying new activities, focus on time-management, and make a impact to those who I surround myself in, small or not. — Jennifer, 17

I hope the world learns to work together for common goals! We have a lot more in common than different and I hope in 2018 we realize that, personally and institutionally. — Morgan, 18

I hope that in 2018 I will be more open and receptive to making new friends. I want to make it the year that I really show people how much I care about them. — Zoe, 19

I think everyone should pray for a better world, where there are no wars, no global warming, and leaders of this world actually believe that the Earth is dying and we need to do something. — Samah, 21

I hope that in 2018 countries can unite and work in harmony despite differences. — Breeanne, 18


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