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Clover Book Club: There's Someone Inside Your House

Clover Book Club: There's Someone Inside Your House

Halloween might be over, but you don’t need a holiday to dive into our new favorite thriller, There’s Someone Inside Your House. Stephanie Perkins’ latest novel might remind you of Scream at first—it’s set in high school and features a gruesome serial killer terrorizing a group of teens—but this book is uniquely frightening. It’s truly scary (so maybe leave the lights on?), but it also has enough comedy and romance to keep you turning the page. And if you’re like us, you’ll probably finish it in one sitting. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our readers thought about this scary-good read below.

Ilana Rubin, 15
On a chilly Sunday afternoon, I invited a few of my friends over for brunch and book club. We were excited to sit down and discuss our newest obsession, There’s Someone Inside Your House. We began reading around Halloween time, so the mood was perfect for a horror book. I am personally not a big fan of anything in the horror genre (yes, I’m a chicken). However, this book may have changed my mind.

The characters are diverse, so every reader is able to find someone they can relate to. Stephanie Perkins incorporated romance, LGBTQ+ issues, and teen drama into the book while still keeping you on the edge of your seat with all of the horror themes. Plus, the ominous atmosphere leaves you wanting more (which might not be the best thing if you’re reading the night before a big math test...which I definitely did not do, I swear).

The book is set in a quiet town in rural Nebraska. Living in an urban city in California, I was transported to a completely different world. “I expected to look out the window and see corn and cows,” my friend Maya agreed. Throughout the book, you really feel like you are with the characters, battling challenges and fears alongside them. I highly recommend this book to anyone in search of a fast, yet seriously thrilling read.

Hope Bourque, 21
You know that feeling you get after watching a horror movie that was a little too realistic? The movie credits are rolling and next thing you know you're checking behind the shower curtain for killers and locking your windows and doors ~just in case~. That's how There's Someone Inside Your House left us feeling.

I love a good suspense novel, so I was excited to gather up some of my friends to read Stephanie Perkins’ new book. Let me be the first to say, it did not disappoint. The general consensus? This book was terrifying, but in only the best way. As we grew closer to the characters in the novel, we found ourselves fearing for their lives and hoping that nothing happened to them on the next page. Every chapter leaves you on edge, wondering if your favorite person would still be alive in the next chapter, or if they would be the next murder victim. 

The story left my friends and me with a slight feeling of vulnerability, since the characters are so close in age to us and live in a small town similar to ours.

The heroine, Makani, seems like a completely average high school girl. She's just trying to survive her classes, turn her occasional fling Ollie into a boyfriend, and fit in at her new school—all things we related to in our own high school experiences. Stephanie Perkins makes Makani's character as relatable as possible, but there's a piece of her past that stays hidden for most of the book...which leads to a plot twist that makes you rethink everything you once thought you knew about her. No spoilers here.

If you're a suspense or horror lover like us, give There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins a try. It's binge-read worthy, and, true to its title, it might leave you wondering if there's someone inside your home…

This post was brought to you by our pals at Penguin Teen. Now that you’re fully convinced that you need to add There’s Someone Inside Your House to your shelf, order it online here.

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